Beech Route


Integrated in the network of green trails of the municipality of Manteigas, the Beech Route, half a dozen km long, has landscapes and vegetation of unique beauty.

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Type: Circular
Start Coordinates W:
7º30'58.95"W 40º25'24.79"N
Start altitude
: 1090 m
Minimum altitud
e: 880 m
Maximum altit
ude: 1174 m
Recommended dire
ction: Clock hands
Difficulty: Medium
Length: 5.4 km | 6.5 km (with derivations)
MTB: Yes (with limitations)
ation: Includes Transport of Butters

The Beech Route allows the discovery of something new and surprising every moment, from the splendid vegetation to sparkling landscapes, which together with agriculture and pastoralism provide a perfect tour for those who want to know the mountains, its people and customs.

More than a pedestrian trail, the Beech Route is a sensitive experience, where the odors of rosemary, wild mint, lavender and thyme merge with magnificent paintings that surround the gaze of those who observe them.

Its name comes from the fact that this route plunges into a dense beech forest, planted by the Butter Forest Services at the beginning of the 20th century.

In addition to this species, there is also to highlight the chestnut tree, the giesta, the Oregon Pine and the imposing monumental oaks that surround the Chapel of S. Lourenço, place of worship of pagan reminiscences, related to the worship of trees and the Sun – on the summer solstice, who is in Manteigas sees the sun rise over S. Lourenço.

In the natural landscape, the Zêzere Glacier Valley, in the form of "U", the Tower, the Cantaro Magro, the Fat Pitcher and the Golden Penhas.

São Lourenço offers a panoramic view of the accumulation of mountains that extends to Spain. In 1st plan comes the ridge of Lomba das Cancelas, which borders beira alta da Beira Baixa, and Cabeço da Azinheira.

Contact with rural and pastoral life is a focus along the trail, since it is used by herders to move with their cattle to grazing sites, allowing possible interactions with those who travel the Route.

The forest settlements, the bushes and the water lines present, provide faunistic diversity. It should be noted that mammals such as the fox, the weasel, the weasel or the boar are noted. In the birds, the peneireiro, the owl and the crow. Reptiles are represented by the cornish viper, the bush gecko or the bush.

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