Coal Route


Integrated in the network of green trails of the municipality of Manteigas, the Coal Route, with 20 km long, is one of the most demanding and diversified routes.

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Type: Circular
Start Coordinates W
: 7º32'28,35"W 40º24'2,22"N
Start altitud
e: 767 m
Minimum alti
tude: 767 m
Maximum al
titude: 1683 m
direction: Contrary to the hands of the watch
fficulty: Difficult
Length: 20 km
ransportation: Includes Transport of Butters

The Coal Route tells a part of the history of Manteigas, closely related to pastoralism, rye and forest. In the area of higher altitude of the route, in addition to the use of natural pastures for cattle, which is still grazed there, coal was produced for sale in the Village of Manteigas through the burning of the heather root, popularly called bumming.

The beauty of the natural landscape that the route provides is proven by the presence of Matos e Matagais and by Hardwood Forests, in opposition to the natural sculptures conceived in the rocky escarpments, such as fraga da Cruz – majestic granite head, fragão do Corvo and Pedra Sobreposta.
This route, in addition to crossing the Golden Penhas – a small mountain village that had its origin in the treatment at altitude of respiratory diseases, makes known the Nave da Mestra – topographic depression that presents a wide plane surrounded by a massive granite very fractured. The privilege of getting to know these places is completed by the Valley of the Mares, by the water mirror of the Rossim Valley, by the Charca do Perdigueiro, by the incredible panoramic view to the Glacier Valley and to the accumulation of mountains that extend to Spain.

The route also includes the Meteorological Observatory of Penhas Douradas, built more than a century ago to monitor the weather conditions of the region.

When walking through the basal, intermediate and upper floor of the Serra, the trail presents a huge variety of vegetation and fauna. The white willow, the plane-bastard, the cervum, the red consolda, the hyacinth of the fields, the beech, the chestnut tree and the black oak make up part of the vegetation as a whole. The value of tramazeira, juniper and birch is highlighted, due to its rarity in Portugal. It is also possible to find the caldoneira that has the conservation status of the Habitats Directive.

The range of animal species is immense and extremely varied. In this layout inhabit the boar, the fox, the mole, the hedgehog and the hare. As for reptiles, sardo and bush gecko are present. The water lines promote the existence of amphibians such as the iberica frog, the green frog and the water lizard. The peneireiro, the tower owl and the tartaranhão-caçador are the birds that dominate the high skies of the Coal Route. With a smaller size, we have the blue blackbird, the blackbird of the rocks, the black andthe black and the parario.

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