Poço do Inferno Route


Integrated in the network of green trails of the municipality of Manteigas, the Route of the Hell Well, with 2.5 km long, is a route that begins and ends next to the parking lot of Poço do Inferno.

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Type: Circular
Start Coordinates W:
7º31'03.88"W 40º22'24.81"N
Start altitude: 1081 m
Minimum altitude: 1081 m
Maximum altitud
e: 1150 m
Recommended direct
ion: Contrary to the hands of the watch
2.5 km
Transportation: Includes Transport of Butters

When walking along the Route of the Well of Hell there is a natural and humanized landscape dualism, marked by the different type of vegetation, with hardwood and resinous forests, where the senses arouse different emotions along the trail.

Due to the higher shale peaks formed by corneal rocks (a phenomenon that occurs when hot magma and plastic rises through the pre-existing rocks), steep landscapes predominate, where water lines are born as the cascade of the Pit of Hell. This natural waterfall is about 10 meters long and can turn into ice in the harshest winters. It is a geological monument of extreme beauty and one of the points of greatest interest of this route, being one of the ex-líbris of the Municipality of Manteigas and serra da Estrela.

As for the landscape, the hiker can contemplate the view over the Zêzere River Valley and the Ribeira de Leandres Valley. In the humanized landscape, terraces and some "cuts" predominate – buildings to support agricultural activity.

Of the many species possible to find is to highlight the narcissus, birch, holm oak and tramazeira, of great ecological value. The yew, also present, is extremely rare and is only found in Manteigas and serra da Peneda-Gerês. In addition to these specimens, this trail also predominates the bastard-plátano, beech, oregon pine and fir.

The diversity of fauna existing in the Hell's Well route derives from the forest areas and water lines existing in this area. They are characteristic, the wild rabbit, the fox, the gecko of the bush and the Lusitanian salamander. As for the bird life are present the river guard and the peneireiro.

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